Running from the mental hospital, Jess felt free. For the first time in a long time her mind could be free. She was on top of the world.

Standing at the bus stop, the lack of rest and medication, Jess feels feint. “Just wait here, sit patiently and wait.” “NO!!! Why do you have to wait, you shouldn’t have to, you’ve waited for this for months.” “But you can wait a bit longer.” “STOP!!!” The words escaping her mouth, shatter Jess’s feeling of freedom. “Where are you off to hun?” Standing there, blank, Jess doesn’t know what to do. “I don’t know.” “You sure? You should know where you’re going … Ok, hop on”
Sitting down, Jess feels tired
“What did you think was going to happen?” “Well it was either this or we stay back at that hellhole.” “What would you like to do?” “We have to figure things out, the road isn’t always easy. “Shut up!”
“Sorry?” the bus driver asks, looking up whilst putting the brakes on. “Oh nothing!”
“Come on Jess, you can do this.” “Hurry up, we don’t have all day.” “Are you ok? ‘Cause I can take you to a hospital if you need?” “Take the offer.” “No! We need to find somewhere to stay!” Standing there, Jess’s freedom slips beyond reach.
“Where to now?” “I don’t know, think positively.” “We might die of exposure but ok.” “You don’t have to be so dramatic.”
“Just stop, you two sound like a married couple!”
. . . .
Waking up to her voices, isn’t what Jess thought she’d be doing on a Saturday. “WAKE UP!! WE NEED TO FIND SOMEWHERE TO STAY!!!” “Calm your farm, one step at a time.” “I’m gonna walk, is that ok?” “Of course.” “Fine!” “Ok then.” Walking aimlessly, Jess thinks about where she could be going, and where she hopes to go. “GO LEFT!” “Maybe right.” “No! Left!” “I still think right.” “STOP! We’re going where I want to go.” “And that is …” “Umm.” Jess looks for any sign as to where she is.
Searching, nothing comes into sight, there is nothing, except for a little shack out in a field. “We should go over there.” “DUH! Its shelter, of course we should go!” “We are going. Be patient!” “Someone needs an attitude check.” “Ugh!” frustrated, Jess makes her way to the shack.
Getting closer and closer, legs starting to fail, falling lower, hand around the fence, she has no energy left.
. . .
“Hello, Halloo. Are you ok? Come on, that’s it, time to wake up.” Waking up to a curly mess of brown hair and a wet black nose, Jess has no idea where she is and who she is waking up to.
. . . .
Walking across the field, Jess feels the freedom she never had when in the mental hospital, imprisoned in her mind. Whilst on one of their afternoon walks Jess starts thinking. Thinking of where and who she used to be.


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