Castle Of Elements

Kayla stood outside the castle, grimacing. The castle looked as if it was over a thousand years old. There were many things that she expected, but what she didn't expect, were the twelve soldiers at her side. The guards of Celasa were trained extensively by the immortal Fevlin. The Fevlin were unbeatable in the war, until the moment they almost all mysteriously disappeared. Those that survived were left to train the guards of Celasa, making the castle impenetrable.

Loose rocks crunched beneath Kayla's feet as she walked through the gates, echoing in the spacious courtyard. A crowd was gathered on the smooth-stone steps beside the tremendous gold door on the other side of the courtyard. They turned to look at her and their eyes widened. Kayla tried to look away, but the crowd didn't break their stare. She marched up the stairs and through the gold door, guards still at her side. As soon as she got inside, she lifted her gaze to the baby blue carpet and purple walls.

Kayla continued down the corridor to a large emerald door, gleaming in the reflection of the dim lamps. A large leaf encrusted with silver was on the centre of the door, the handle as well.

Komi was once a peaceful place when the Ealien, Fevlin, Wametre and The Areturn all lived in peace. When the war broke out, the castle was split into four sections. Earth, Fire, Water and Air. The Ealien built the castle, therefore had the greatest sector. The Fevlin trained the guards, creating the castle's defences. The Wametre created the rivers and lakes around the castle, to keep feral beasts out. And finally, the Areturn formed the wind for the castle, as the castle is run on wind. The Castle of Elements was the heart and soul of Komi, and without it, the world would turn black, and no life could exist.

Kayla turned the cold steel handle on the door to the Earth sector, pushing back the heavy door as she beheld the room in front of her. She could smell the moist dirt and the growing plants inside the room. A bed hung from the roof, covered in vines and lime silk sheets. The bed's purpose was to serve the Heir of Earth. The Heir of Earth was unknown, as no-one had ever seen her. The room was over three thousand years old, but oddly, still in pristine condition.

Kayla continued to explore the rooms for the Heirs of Fire, Water and Air. She felt drawn back to the sector of Earth, sensing an affinity for the room.

She tried to stay away, but no matter what she did, she couldn't stay away. She walked up to the door. Something wasn't right. She had read that once the leaf starts glowing, the Heir of Earth is near. There was no-one in sight. She stepped closer, the leaf glowing brighter and brighter. She turned the handle and pushed back the door. "Welcome, Kayla, Heir of Earth".


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