Until We Meet Again!

Until we meet again!
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“How could you do this to me?” You have now left so many unanswered questions and I will never receive the answers. You have left a gaping hole in my heart now I feel so alone. I don’t understand!

You know when people ask about your darkest day or the worst day you ever had. You would usually reply saying something along the lines of “When my dog died” or “My parents didn’t get me the iPhone 11” Boo hoo poor you. My darkest day was November 23rd when my best friend Audrey died.
You might say to me oh it’s not like you lost your parent, pet or didn’t receive the iPhone 11. But Audrey was like my sister. Without her how will I live?

So here I stand dreadfully dressed in all black waiting to lay Audrey to rest. It was an overcast day with light showers falling gracefully upon Audrey’s coffin. I brace fully approach Audrey’s grieving parents to send my deepest condolences. They reply with hugs and cries of despair. The cry of grieving parents is so gut wrenching, it tears through you like a hot blistering knife sliced through semi melted butter.

A year had passed and Audrey’s anniversary was approaching fast. It only felt like yesterday that we were sitting down gasbagging, talking about weddings, with milkshakes and planning birthdays. It was fun. But then I remember the afternoon I received the harrowing call that no one wants to receive. 2:45 pm was the worst moment of my life. I couldn’t deal, breathing recklessly I didn’t know what to do.

Still to this day I don’t know why she did it. I don’t have the answers for all the questions but what I do know is that yes, it’s hard to cope with but she did it for a reason.

Suicide is not the answer for everything even though at times its tough and it seems like no one cares remember we do. It doesn’t solve all the problems yes it stops you from hurting but it hurts the people that you love. Think of what you leave behind and don’t ever think for a moment that no one cares about you. The truth is that there are many loving people that care about you even though you think there isn’t there is. To this day everyone that knew Audrey still doesn’t know why she did what she did but there is not one day that goes by that I don’t reminisce on the good old days nor that I remember you.



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