No One Will Tell.

I will tell you everything that I know about that night. I know what he is fully capable of doing. So, it all began like this…….

My best friend Taylor and I were shopping at our local mall until I received a text from an unknown number. The text said something along the lines of this. Hi, you won’t know who this is but I know who you are. I have longed to be with you ever since primary school. When we were in 6th grade I couldn’t do anything but think of you and I still can’t stop. This might sound crazy but is there any chance that we can meet up?

This was crazy. I thought that it was just Taylor trying to pull a prank on me to get me back. When I confronted her she turned white. This was no exaggeration. She was whiter than a ghost from the past. You could see the shock horror rush over her entire body. She begged me not to reply but I needed to know who this was. I replied saying sorry I don’t know who this is but if you give me your name and number, we can work something out.

So, after this he told me his name was Daniel and that his phone number was 04*******8. We started texting all the time but then he started to turn dark and on dates he was asking me if he could have a glance at my contacts and messages to make sure I wasn’t cheating, he would usually hit me if I didn’t do something. Of instance one night I refused to let him look at my phone, I was a grown adult not some scrawny teenager off the streets. No one needed to check up on me. So, I thought he was fine when we were out but that’s because there were witnesses. As soon as we got home, he through a lamp at me and bashed me. I still have lumps and bruises. He also gave me a broken rib once or twice.

I was blinded by love and I couldn’t see what a monster he was. Everyone tried to warn me but I refused to listen. I had even now pushed my family away because of that beast. We went to Paris. He grabbed my hand and lead me to the Eifel tower. I took in the view it was amazing. A one in a lifetime experience until things took yet another dark turn. But this time witnesses were around and that didn’t stop him. I had seen one of my old school friends that happened to be a male. Daniel didn’t like that now did he. He aggressively barged me out of the way and was physically abusing me. When my friend tried to interfere, he grabbed my friend around the throat and was holding him up against the wall about to kill him. I couldn’t just stand by and watch him do this. I found a crowbar just lying on the floor. I wondered what it was doing there in the first place but oh well this was perfect. I brace fully approached the scene and whacked him over the head. I had murdered him.

I’m not sorry for what I did.
What is my sentence.