One day a little dog called Lila was waiting for her friend Emy. Lila was a beagle and she loved to read. Lila always enters reading challenges, if there are any. Lila sees Emy outside her house. Emy has a little brother called Mike. Mike is 2 years old and very cheeky. Emy also loves to read. They play games like, Copy the Book, and Book Buster. Sometimes they call themselves the Book Worms. At school they played Super Worms, which means they helped other puppies find their lost books. There were lots of cases to solve, so they were always tired. After school they would get Slurpee's and drink them at the park. Lily and Emy the Book Worms were very good friends.

The next day the girls walked to school together. At lunch time there was a brand new case. This case was a very suspicious case. The owner of the book was acting very weirdly! Lila and Emy were very confused, but this puppy was convincing enough to convince Lila and Emy to help. So they did. The name of the book that they were looking for was called, The Lost Dog of Engines Dare. The Bookworms have never heard anything like it, but still they helped. By the end of lunch, they still couldn't find the book. So they said to the dog, we'll find it tomorrow, in a very convincing bark. The puppy nodded and then they all walked their way.

After school, they got their daily Slurpee and walked to the park. At the park they were drinking their Slurpee's and talking about the suspicious puppy and the suspicious book. Lila said that she thought the dog wasn't actually missing the book, that the book was missing the puppy. To Emy, what Lila said didn't make sense and to the owners it didn't either.

The next day at school there was an announcement that the book had been found, but Emy said who could have found the book if it wasn't us. Lila agreed, we're the Bookworms said Lila. So instead of finding books for puppies they decided to find the person who had found the book. It took about a week or two, but the Bookworms wouldn't give up. Someday they were really close to finding the puppy and the next day they did. The puppy's name was Bridget.

Bridget was a tall poodle with a frizzy white coat and a bright pink bow in her fur. Bridget did not seem guilty at all. In fact, she seemed to be smiling a bit. The Bookworms were very, very confused. They asked Bridget some questions and then they found out why she did it. Bridget said she didn't mean to do it. Bridget said that it was the dog that had lost the book that told her to find it, but he actually knew where it was.

So Lila and Emy went up to the small dog that had lost the book, well not really lost it, but still, they went up to the dog and asked him why did he do this. The dog replied with it was a test for you two to see if you two were really problem solvers. It seems that you two are officially the best book detectives. Lila and Emy were very very very very happy.