The Wind Resembles Me

The wind that turns endlessly,
It's like my life,
When it's my turn, can I walk down
The right path?
I think it's fine
The life I have now
It's okay, so I can live it
The things that are sweet,
The bitter things that resemble me
I think in silence
Past all the roads
Everything stops.

Stuck here
Where is the key that unlocks?
To find the place my heart longs
I don't know how far it is,
The sunrise and sunset
They both disappear,
Nothing stays for more than a few seconds
The hourglass is stained
With everything that is different
Going round and round,
Sometimes I wonder,
What I need to do
In this world
Filled with people
Doing things their own way

I don't what should I do,
But I wish that I'll know
By the end of this day,
Then again and again
This cycle never ends.