The Key

As I gripped the rusty, steel key with the number 24 engraved on it, I slowly turned it into the door frame covered in scratches from top to bottom… The second it opened it hit me... a big woosh of the cold breeze that made my arms and legs filled with goosebumps. It was like it hadn't been opened for centuries. My mind was telling me to go back but I knew that I had to find out what was in there?, why did I have the key? And why was the number 24 on it?

My name is Daniel, I live in a 3-story brick mansion that people call an orphanage. I’m 8 years old, i have brown curly hair with green eyes and some people say i'm short. I was sent to the orphanage by my grandparents when I was 2 years old because my parents died in a devastating plane crash on their way to a meeting for their brand to launch.

4 months after i turned 6, a door was built in the main hall and the main builder gave the only key to me. He told me to open it on my 8th birthday, I asked why but he just walked away in a hurry to catch up to his workmates. The headmistress can't go in there and I’ve waited for 2 years and 6 months and tonight at 3:45pm on the exact time I was born I’m going into the room. My emotions were so excited that I didn't eat all day and although everyone looked at me with weird faces I just smiled and waved.

It was quarter past 3 and I made sure everyone was asleep in my room. I started to sneak out of my room with the door squeaking behind me… 1 step… 2 steps… 3 steps… 4 steps…… Suddenly the headmistress came around the corner and looked down at me with a confused face with anger in her tone when she said “what do you think you're doing up this late”, i told her that i have to use the cubicle, she ignored me and walked off. As we walked away from each other, I felt her shadow following me and I kept looking behind me, but nothing was there…

As I put the key in the door, the door creaked open so slowly that I felt like my heart was jumping out of my chest. The cold tender breeze hit my face and soon later I heard a dripping sound. I tried to turn the light on but it didn't work and my candle blew out with the wind so my only light was the brightness of the sky that shined through a hole in the roof.

I decided to step into the room and suddenly the light flickered on and in the room there was a velvet chair with spider webs and dust covering the chair making it hard to see the colour of it. There was a brown book that hadn’t been touched in a while but it wasn’t dusty… it was clean. The book was placed on the wooden side table. Surrounding the room there were bookshelves that had been filled with books of all shapes, sizes and colour.

As I approached the bookshelves there was a sudden loud bang from the door closing with the wind being trapped in this room once again. There was no one that closed the door and no one that had been near the door. I took my focus off the door and looked towards the book which gave me a fight. It was glowing… the book had a shimmer of gold around it, almost like it was magical....

I slowly walked towards it and as I picked the book up….

I woke up.