The Disaster

Crash!! The lift grinds to a stop, and suddenly the lights go out. I lowered my body to a sitting position, my bum touched the cold, hard floor and my mind started racing with the thought How I will get out of this mess alive.

I am in College and my name is Georgina. I used to live in a house with my disturbing brother and a loving dad. My brother's name is Lachlan and my dad’s name is Peter. I had just recently moved to my new apartment which is 72 floors high plus the roof and wasn’t far from College and where I work and it's cheap which is a bonus.

The emergency phone! I stand up and move my backpack to the side, I press the emergency phone but It doesn’t work. The lift starts to shake. My feet caught a stance and as it reached level 72 the highest level. The lift starts to slip... and suddenly I hear something snap...

The lights exploded and put glass everywhere. My body flung to the ceiling and the lift plunging to the ground, What do I do now?.

It wouldn’t stop. The fast the lift went it was making more friction between the lift and the ropes which soon turned into a fire. All I heard was a loud beeping sound and then I dropped. My tiredly bruised body tried to stand up but it is so dark that I just collapse.

I could feel the fire burning up into the lift and then the door of the lift made a couple of thuds, so I decided to move away and then the door slammed to the ground right where I was lying just before. I reached out as far as my arm would let me, but it wasn’t further enough… A figure walked in and picked me up, he yelled “I got her” then he looked at me and said, “you're going to be ok”.

What felt like not long after that I saw a light…