Be Careful What You Wish For By Olivia Ekert Year 4

Long ago, there was a girl called Lilly. Lilly was not an ordinary child. She begged. She begged spirits in the sky for things she needed or in other words wanted. Strangely, everything Lilly begged for came true.

One sunny morning, Lilly decided she wanted not to go to school ever again. You see, Lilly was always bullied for something. Sometimes because her hair was blue. Lilly was born with blue hair. It never went another color. Never brown. Never black. Never blonde. It was Lilly’s special touch. She never thought of it that way. Sometimes she was bullied because she always got all her tests right. Lilly studied very hard because she wanted to make her parents proud.

Lilly was always babysat because both her parents worked at a hospital 24 hours. Every day, every month, and never took a day off. Lilly’s babysitter, the old neighbor Mrs. Snot shrieked up the staircase, “Are you doing your homework Marget?”

“Lilly,” Replied Lilly. “And yes.”
“Where are the tissues? My nose is snotty” shouted Snot. “Behind the toaster,” grumbled Lilly.
Finally, Lilly started her magic process.

Lilly’s magic spell included three tasks: writing it, saying it and thinking it. If you think something else during this last task, that will come true instead.

Time to get started. Lilly wrote, ‘No more school’ 100 times. Then she said it 100 times. Then she was ready for the last of this long and exhausting task. She lay down on her bed and started thinking. But then she thought of something else! ‘What if everything was the opposite?’ she thought.

Lilly woke up. It was 9:00am! That meant only one thing, school was cancelled! But Mrs. Snot normally gave Lilly her snot cereal (yes, real snot) in bed, but she wasn’t. Wait! There was a note on Lilly’s bedside table. It said:
Dear Lilly,
Your parents have quit their jobs and are working from home. I will not be babysitting you anymore. I left you a month time supply of snot cereal and soup.
Mrs. Snot ox
Then Lilly realized. “Mum! Dad!” Lilly shouted.
“Darling daughter” sighed Mum.
“You, too Dad!” squealed Lilly. Lilly hugged her parents.

Now,” asked Dad anxiously “Get behind the couch, quickly. “Why?” asked Lilly.
“There is a war going on. Where have you been?”
‘This must be the opposite’ thought Lilly...and It’s all my fault.

“I have to go to my room now” declared Lilly. She raced to her room and started her process again, quickly. Soon Lilly woke up again. It was her alarm clock.
“Here’s your snot cereal, dear,”.
Lilly tasted the disgusting cereal she usually threw out the window. Strangely, it tasted good.
“Get ready, school’s today,” Snot shouted.
For some reason, Lilly thought it was going to be the best day ever. And guess what? It was.