Moment’s Darkness

At the end of the day,
At the time of the hour
When the sun is gone
And the trees whisper louder
The moon comes up
And is covered by cloud
So you don’t see it,
A Moment’s darkness has come.
A moment of dark ink
A blanket over the land;
All the night lights
Have been blown to ashes
With a drift of grey smoke
Floating across
Empty vastness
Though you do not see it.
When the rabbits
Are all in their burrows
And even the owl
Has silenced its call
A moment’s darkness has come.
But when a cloud forms in the sky
Does it not move with the wind?
So know this:
A moment’s darkness
Is a blood moon,
A four-leaf clover,
An empty street
At midnight’s hour.
And if you wake up in the morning
And see a grey cloud in the sky
You know
That a moment’s darkness
Has passed by.