Prison Breakout

As I saw the rusty old jail cell, I could sense shivers going down my spine. The jail cell was sliced open, and the prisoner escaped overnight and knocked out 3 Security guards and, heavily wounded 4 Security guards. The prisoner who escaped left an epistle it stated, "I will return deadlier than how I have left, beware my return for that's the last time you will see the world. Ï bid you adieu Captain Lucas Smith!!"
The prisoner's name is Noah Jones he is a high tech Assassin he has assassinated 17 people just in Melbourne all of them who are Government Officials and Military families he has been around the whole of Australia and our proficient detectives were interrogating him. He only recently started to give us information about the people he has murdered in other Australian states. Our ablest detectives have been going through the video footage of Noah's interrogation videos to accumulate evidence.
I opened the "Interrogation Room #2" where we combine all interrogation videos and analyse them and, as soon as I walked in I could feel the intensity of all of the Detectives, Hackers and Tech Experts working. My personal assistant Connor hastened up to me and rapidly started talking to me about the behaviours of Noah during the interrogation.
"Captain, Captain I have got all of Noah's suspicious behaviours from the interrogation," said Connor
"Good, have you gone through all 32 interrogation videos of him?" I asked
"Yes Captain, would you like to see them, Captain?"
"Project it on the big screen for the psychological interpreters to examine. NOW CONNOR, NOW!"
"YES!!! Right away, Captain."
"Attention, interpreters this is Noah he is an Assassin we need you to see any suspicious behaviours he does during the interrogation. We had to interrogate in a room with windows because there was a bomb blast in the left building and the room got destroyed."
Connor begins to explain to us the most suspicious behaviours.
"If you look closely, Noah keeps moving his eye like he is communicating to someone or something, from the other camera's point of view we can observe that there is an Anatolian Shepherd on the other side of the window. We plausibly could have had the interrogation on the 4th floor."
"Valid point, our officers and detective rushed the interrogation because Noah was going insane and started attacking."
"Connor is right we can see that Noah is communicating through his eye and he's saying a name and then, "Go to the hideout and make me a cake and get us a flight ticket to Balochistan while I break out of here. I'm going to break out of here next week, get everything to me as a gift on Monday." translated Connor
"You know Eye conversation thing? Whatever it's supposed to be."
"I took a course during my College holidays."

After a few more rewinds, I got suspicious of Connor because he kept changing his statements about Noah's interrogation it went like this:
"Go to the hideout make me a few cupcakes and book me a Cruise to Brazil."
"Go to my house and make me a pound cake and book me a flight to New Zealand."
We interrogated Connor in a decent room where there were no windows. His statement was,
"Noah and I are cousin brothers his parents disowned him when he was 10. A few years back, he hacked through the detective files, found my address and visited my house for a favour and talked me into helping him and, we planned all of the assassinations he was the brawns and I am the brains. I outlined his escape and, I jeopardized the translation so that he can go to Queensland, kill his parents and surrender to the police."
"I understand you said that his parents disowned him but why does he want to kill him?" questioned Terence
"Not only did they disown him, but they also got money."
"So they sold him?"
"That is correct."

After arresting Connor for aligning with a criminal, the department was communicated by Queensland Police Department to inform that Noah has surrendered after killing a couple and will be serving a life sentence for a total of 19 murders in the penitentiary.