A Scary Day

Rosie Rabbit lived in a wonderful place called Rainspell Forest. One day Rosie went to visit her friends, they were Olivia the Hedgehog and Casey the Hamster. That night a big bad wolf arrived in the little forest! In the early morning, the big bad wolf found a great place to hide. He hid inside a tree hollow. Rosie and her friends woke up that morning. They played catch with the ball, but they didn’t notice the big bad wolf. Miss Rabbit, Rosie’s mother, came with cupcakes when she saw the big bad wolf. “Animals, quick, run to the Bakery!” She cried. The big bad wolf followed the animals to the Bakery. He tried to blow the house down, but he failed. Then he just ran off.

The big bad wolf went back to the Bakery in the next morning. The Rabbits were well prepared. Rosie got a giant fork, Mr Rabbit, Rosie’s dad, got a knife and Miss Rabbit had a piece of wood in her paws. Mr Rabbit ran to the roof as Miss Rabbit and Rosie dashed out of the door. Mr Rabbit held the knife as high as he can. The big bad wolf stared at the knife. Rosie poked the big bad wolf’s hand. Miss Rabbit hit the big bad wolf with the piece of wood. The big bad wolf was wide with shock. He needed an idea to stop the Rabbit family. The big bad wolf went into the chimney. The Rabbits heard him go down the chimney. They put a fire at the bottom of the chimney. The big bad wolf thought it was soup. He fell into the fire and ran out of the chimney. Then the big bad wolf escaped and decided he will never come back to the forest again.