Halloween Fright

They called me weak. They said I was scared of everything. But, no. Tonight was the night. In my minuscule, snug cottage I got dressed in my usual smooth, pink overalls in absolute eerie silence. Tonight was the world’s largest celebration - Halloween. Full of cute but horrifying Dracula’s, zombies, blood sucking vampires, skeletons and whatnot. I carefully hopped onto my “ancient”, trusty old bike and head off to the dark fair.

Once I had arrived I casually stepped off though my insides were were magnets pulling me back to my childish magnets under my purple, warm bed. In the distance a train whistle blew, a sad, sad song.I was definitely not ready to give up. My heart was massively skipping vital beats each time I saw a tiny rat crawl out of the wooden crate of green, stale apples.

I scurried over to the first station - apple bobbing. I paid my money after thoughtfully making my decision of how many tries I was going to pay for. I handed over 5.59 for 3 tries I was being watched by every single gummy eyeball in the universe. I could see my normal reflection - a scared lonely girl with no friends. I shook off that thought and my head dived into the crate. I opened my eyes as slowly as a snail. You know, I wasn’t that scared in the water! I had an idea! Nope, never mind. If I was a fish a shark will consider me a 3 course meal and gobble me down in the blink of an eye. As I slowly and cautiously grabbed an apple and rose to the surface I was not glad.

My tiny, little eyes were stinging. I was going to scream my head off! But then I realised that that’s what the old me would do. But I’m not the old me. I’m the new me and the new me doesn’t scream her head off by her eyes stinging. With a little bit more confidence and courage in my heart I headed deeper in town.

The spiralling, spooky towers were more horrific than ever. They looked as if they were searching for something. Something inside me. My heavy thought bubble burst as I saw a sea of people watch in awe. I too looked up. The last and final activity, The Candy Course. Suddenly I realised that skipping all the activities might not have been such a good idea any more. The spine - tingling, petrifying church - like building was outlined with a light grey strip of cheap paint. Pointy turrets that could have drilled a hole right through a back. The neon insides of the churchy building was the absolute best way to scare the bones out of me! So back to the jaw dropping course. I had to jump over the spiky fence get the sticky candy and and ring the towering, gold bell to win.
People say foolish attempters die-trying. I stepped up onto the line against 4 agile and angry children. I could hear whispers. “Oh my gosh! The sook from school!”
“She would never win!” and so on. Maybe even 1 or 2 grunts like pigs which I’m not honestly sure why.

3,2,1 and we were off! I speedily took off and surprisingly was in the lead. I could hear gasps and “oohs” and “aahs”. I closed my eyes like my life depended on ita d leaped rushingly leaped up into the cold, moist air. When I looked back 2 of them were stuck on the fence dealing with an atomic wedgie. I actually couldn’t believe it! But the other boy was gaining speed so I ran like my life depended on it. When I rang the bell I bowed in my victory. But there were no claps. The boy had a wide, evil smirk on his face.

Suddenly 3 girls from school appeared. Daisy, Mazy and Heather . Mazy shout-whispered to Daisy, “ tell Heather to do it!” Then the rest was just silent murmurs of yes and no. When they tiredly gave up we were all just standing there in awkward silence until someone decided to break it
“I’m sorry for saying rude things about you at school and for everything Kylie,” Heather said in an ashamed voice.
“it’s alright I responded,” very very astounded and like we were doing the Who Can Whisper the Quietest Competition.
“Can we please be friends” Heather asked apologetically. I took her hand in mine and we strode off into the dark and starry night and the rest was history!


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