Nightmares And Dreams

My name’s Sophie, I’m 7 years old and I live in the forest near the lake in an old wrecked house. I was walking down the stairs and I realized that the house was empty... The door was fully open… was this my house? I walked outside and saw everything that I had imagined before… There was someone coming my way, well actually it was a walking cheetah that can talk… I backed up slowly and the cheetah said to me “ Hey I’m Tom, I'm here to guide you silly, no need to walk away”.
Tom started laughing. I asked, “where am I?”
Tom says “We’re in your imagination”.
I replied with “alright”
I thought if I was in my head then I could imagine anything, so I imagined Tom wearing a onesie. Suddenly Tom says “ seriously, you had to do that, at least make it leopard print”.
I laughed and asked, “I thought there would’ve been more things”.
Tom went silent…

I started to walk outside and I'm in my dream. I thought to myself if this is my dream… I started to imagine a unicorn... Oh, it worked, I started to explore by riding on the unicorn. I found a gingerbread house in the middle of nowhere. I got off the unicorn and walked up to the house. Inside the stove was on and I knew someone was here but before I could leave I realized this is my NIGHTMARE and someone grabbed me. I realized it was the wicked witch with long black hair but green streaks in it.
She says to me you will either…
Work for me
Be locked up for the rest of your life
I am in shock but I say “be locked up for the rest of my life.”
she replies with “very well then.” I want to scream. It has already been 5 hrs.
But suddenly I realized that I could imagine anything so I dreamed of a prince saving me, and the chains were licorice... I hate licorice but I knew I had to do it anyway. The witch was coming. She grabbed me out of the cage and got a knife and said “you're going anywhere”
She was getting closer to my neck until… The prince defeated the witch and the unicorn ate the walls and brought me to safety. I was saved and the prince had defeated the witch.
In the end, the prince and Sophie lived happily ever after. P.S Sophie is now 17 and now she's going to sleep every night she is visiting him in her dream.

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