Smarty’s Life

Dear Diary its Amber again.
I’m hoping for a fresh start since it is my first day at Colins high school. It is peculiar that our principal’s name is Colin Black. I had an interview with him last year. He was very welcoming and said I would fit in very well. It is time to catch the bus now, I will write to you again this afternoon.

I’m home. My first day was a mix of good and bad. My first class was English, I was pretty excited since I like to write practically all the time. Miss Carla is a slender lady with short brown hair. She informed us that our genre for the term is writing narratives. After English it was Math. Mr. Peterson taught us about fractions. At lunch time, some peers were friendly, while the bullies said “Hi Smarty!’’ in a teasing tone, as they walked past with smirks on their faces. I was truly angry with them; I don’t like being called Smarty. Afterwards I had Science. Mrs Kite is a short woman with blonde hair. We learned about cyclones. Overall, my favourite teacher is: Miss Carla because she is kind and caring. My favourite Subject is: English!

Dear Diary I’m sorry I hadn’t written for so long.
I was really busy studying for my assessments. My English narrative was due today. The story I had been working on was called: Fire star. It was about a fox who touched a fire star. He became mighty strong, but this power was too much for him. He turned evil and it was up to a happy ordinary fox to be the hero and save the world from disaster. After I had checked my punctuation and spelling, I handed in my assignment. I had felt sad when I heard whispers like “She thinks she is so smart” and “Teachers Pet” from the nasty bullies.

Dear Diary,
In English today, Miss Carla gave us our marks for our narratives. At the end of the lesson, when the bullies walked past me and saw an A+ on my sheet, they all called out “SMARTY PANTS’’ in wicked malicious voices. I burst into tears as I didn’t understand why they always teased me for being smart.
Next, I had Science and I hoped this lesson would go better. Our cyclone awareness guide assignments were due today. I noticed some students were stressed out, but I wasn’t even stressed a bit. When I handed in my assignment, Mrs Kite suggested I help Michael, who I recognised as one of my tormentors. I said to him ‘’I will help you if you promise to stop being cruel to me’’ and he agreed. We chatted about the parts of the assignment that he didn’t understand. With my help, Michael finished his assignment and handed it in on time. We became friends and Michael told all the bullies to stop calling me ‘SMARTY PANTS’’’. I feel much happier now.

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