The Turtle Poem - Made By The Endangered Species Poets©

Turtles wading through the sand,
the hot, dry land,
unaware of the dangers ahead,
the light of the moon led
them to the vast ocean,
where it would soon cover them like lotion.

Their eyes on the moon,
they'd be in the sea soon,
with all the the predators of terror
some turtles made an error-
they followed light from the city- not the moonlight!
That would cause their plight.

The young hatchlings were alone,
their potential weren't shown
as a true leatherback should be,
as they headed to the vast sea.
They need some help from you,
so this poem can continue.

Other animals are also likely to become extinct,
their time in the wild is succinct,
one of them is the Chinhai Spiny Newt,
and your help will definitely contribute!
More of these poems will be made,
so animal populations won't fade.

The End

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