Country Muskrat

Ding! A shadowy figure entered the restaurant. It. Was. A. Muskrat. He whipped off his cowboy hat and grinned. It was party time for this muskrat. He went for the first form of liquid he saw. Unfortunately, this meant it could have been anything, ranging from clean and fresh water, to poison. Luckily for the muskrat, it was not poison. Unluckily for the muskrat, it was alcohol. And was the alcohol alcoholic! Soon, he began stumbling around finding trying to find more of the 'good stuff' as the muskrat had termed it. Little did he know that his little muskrat brain would soon be overheating. Ten minutes later, he had a frying saucer pan in his brain. "TURN OF THE HEATER SOMEONE!" yelled the muskrat not knowing that the reason his brain was on fire is because of his earlier drinking of alcoholic alcohol. Officially, he was drunk. Unofficially, he was a hothead.

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