Falls Of Mist

A vibrant splash of colour spilled over the distant horizon. A flock of early morning birds flowed through the air like water. They worked as one, even though there could have been hundreds of them up there. Alex shook his head. He would never understand the wonders of nature. The cool breeze blew through his long hair. The wind curled around his fingers and toes, pushing him closer to the cliff face. He clung to the scrabbly rocks as easily as the birds moved through the air. The jagged pinnacles of a mountain range pushed up through the clouds, creating a waterfall of mist that seemed to flow down, fading into nothing before it hit the ground. It was a breathtaking sight, and made the grueling climb up here worth it. Alex shaded his eyes as the flaming orange sun rose above the clouds. It blinded him momentarily before highlighting everything in an orange-gold glow. It haloed the rocks he was climbing and added an extra silver lining to the clouds around him. It softened everything, making it look like he had reached heaven. Suddenly, the moment was over. The sun moved up, the clouds went back to stainless white and the sky to blue. The rocks around him took on their icy, hard grey exteriors once again and he sighed. Such small moments could change his life forever. They were just so beautiful. He looked up and stared into the great expanse of blue. What am I ever going to do?


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