No Means No

*Trigger Warning*

No means no, not yes or please
Not a signal to force her on her knees
Not a sign to show off your power
Not to make the young girl cower

It doesn't mean she is playing hard to get
Nor does it mean to deflower poor Juliet
Don't blame her clothes, or her slow walk
Or the way she smiles, slurs and talks

She isn't asking you to touch her thigh
It isn't a happy tear falling from her eye
She asks you to stop. 'STOP' she cries
But you don't stop your bastardize

You keep on going, refusing to stop
On the cold hard floor she lays, without her top
You fantasize that she enjoys it
When in fact she wishes you would quit

No means no, i say this again
Stop giving all those women pain
Instead educate, the younger generation
And reduce all the frustration.

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