Hyperspace Adventures Book 16 : The True Answer

A rare Invisibility Mole with white strands of hair peered out of its invisible burrow. What he saw made him sad. 13 moons, known as the Unlucky Lunar Cluster had been roped and pulled in together. The biggest moon hit the rest and exploded. Now, the Mole had nothing to stare at during the night.
Jayden heard the Storm coming. The Pyro Ignis Ursa was closing in and -WHAM!- a flaming tornado pierced the air. The tornado burnt his Copter and he fell onto the ground, almost breaking his glasses. He looked up and saw the Scurve, Captain Deadbeard's Airship, incoming with the Storm. The Storm was a giant Bull Ant that was venomous and could devour 3 people at once. Suddenly, a Rocket appeared and Professor Zeppelin jumped out, armed with a Laser Ray. He hit the Button 7 times and the Ignis Ursa was stunned while the Storm was blown back at the Scurve. "Into the Rocket Ski VII!" yelled Professor Zeppelin.
Traveller Leon traveled in the Shadowy Jungles, looking for Invisibility Moles. Suddenly, a Shadow Horse appeared from the shadows and attacked Leon. "Aargh!" he screamed. The Invisibility Mole looked at the Shadow Horse and gasped. There was a shadowy object riding the Horse. It was the famous Emperor. The Mole was shocked. The Emperor was the slaughterer of Confusion Pigs, Humans, Ornitornic Boatypuses, Void Whales, Orantles and Invisibility Moles. The Emperor didn't want war with the Intergalactic Space Rangers. He wanted meat to sell to grab lots of money and be the ultimate Emperor. The Mole turned Invisible and went towards the Emperor. The Mole struck the Emperor with his sharp claws. The Emperor yelled, "Curse you, Invisibility Mole! I'm going after you!" The Mole jumped into space and climbed onto a weird rocket that said 'Acceleration Light Rocket XIII'.
Captain Nancy Lobsterlegs was floating in the debris of the smashed moons. Professor Bob took a piece of the debris and said, "We failed." Then, suddenly, Croissant yelled from the Acceleration Light Rocket XIII, "A mole that can talk and can turn invisible! It wants to talk to you, Professor Bob!" Johnny exclaimed, "It's a rare Invisibility Mole! They live in Jungles, Space Warps, Bumpy Stars and Deep Dark Cities. Currently, there are only 670 left in the wild. The Mole jumped out of the Acceleration Light Rocket XIII. "You know why there is so less of us? The Emperor has been killing us all for fresh meat! What does he do with the meat? He sells it to get money! Then,
he can become the richest in the world! He doesn't want to fight with you! He wants to be rich!" yelled the Invisibility Mole. Flash the Orantle went out of its shell. Everyone gasped.



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