I wake up nauseated, my throat is so dry I can barely breathe and there is a sharp stabbing pain in my right leg. I lay there for a long moment in agony, trying to pull myself together. I am surrounded completely by forest, trees and nature are everywhere I look, thin needles of light prick through the bushes and plants that surround me. Somewhere water is flowing in a calm and gentle manner. I'm still partially dazed and disoriented when I hear the loud roar of a plane engine which brings me back to normal.

I force myself up with the help of a nearby tree, I don't want to look down at my leg but I do. A small piece of glass sticks out of it, I must have caught it on something when I feel out of the plane. The plane, I remember it now, I remember everything. Fear sinks in, everyone was on that plane, my parents and my older sister Amara. I know I'm on some sort of island and that I don't know where anyone I love is. I'm afraid, I don't want to be afraid but I'm not as brave or as courageous as my sister. Back when the plane was going down she held my hand and promised me that she was going to protect me no matter what. She's not here though.

I'm not sure of anything right now but all I know is that I have to find her. I will myself on, grabbing onto anything and everything as I go. I follow the noise of the engine of the plane and as I draw closer I can hear people. I hear elevated screams and cries of panic. I stop for a moment, I realise that no matter how frightened of everything I am, I'm more frightened about finding everyone, who will be alive, who is dead? The thought of turning back crosses my mind but its quickly overturned by the thought of my family. I know there's I high chance that they might not be ok, but its still hope and that's good enough for me.

I propel myself onto the beach in a heap. I glance around, half the plane is on the beach but only a few people are running around screaming, the rest lay silently on the sand. I see a figure in the distance who is darting towards me, it takes a second to recognise them. My sister Amara has got me in a tight embrace before I can even say her name.

There's not many of us left but we manage to steal the food from the fuselage and light a few fires with a quarter of a packet of matches that some guy had in his luggage. Despite the fire I still snuggle up to my sister for warmth. I watch the sunset and at that moment Amara points to the sky at this little black dot which appears to be coming towards us. It might be rescue, it might not but its hope to get off this island and that's enough for me.

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