Hyperspace Adventures Book 18 : The Last Sunrise

Professor Oxford, the smartest member of the Intergalactic Space Rangers called to Professor Bob through the radio. "Professor Bob! I know you are very far away in the Jagged Peaks with the other members of both the ISR (Intergalactic Space Rangers) and the HH (Hyperspace Helpers), but I need to inform-"
"Wait, we need to deal- deal with something!" screamed Professor Bob.
"What is it?"
"The Devil Hedgehogs!"
"Ha! Ha! Good joke, Professor Bob!"
"It is not a joke! The 13 Devil Hedgehogs!"
"Right now, they are currently in the Snowy Swamps. The Enemy Radar is always right!" exclaimed Professor Oxford.
"Then what are these?" asked Professor Bob curiously.
"The real Devil Hedgehogs are called Loamy, Foamy, Homey, Dabber, Pabber, Homet, Blitson, Mixen, Thunder, Kicky, Slicky, Pom-Pom and Bum-Bum. The ones near you are just normal Hedgehogs."
The Bangolin and his friends (the Wilder Beast, the Sweat Rabbit, Banjo Kelly, the Shade Iguana, the Bane Toad, the Chotedog and Koko Dodo) were very, very cold. Hyperspace's main source of light and warmth was the Ultimate Master Sun, equal to about 7 googolplex normal Suns in warmth and light. It was 99.965% of Hyperspace's light and warmth. However, it was very, very small! It was about the size of a human mansion. The Bangolin and his friends hurried up to the Ultimate Master Sun and blocked it from giving light and warmth to anything as they crowded around it, being selfish and taking the warmth and light all for themselves. Anyway, Banjo Kelly was a pegasus, in case you thought it was something else.
"Is is night already?" asked Professor Oxford to himself. Everywhere was pitch dark and it was incredibly cold. He lit a candle and turned on his powerful 6000 lumens torch. "Professor Oxford! I think it is a Power Outage!" yelled Professor Chess. Professor Meatball, distracted from his research, opened a lamp. It worked perfectly.
"Either Darkness has taken over the world or there is a problem with the Ultimate Master Sun," hypothesized Professor Oxford.



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