Hyperspace Adventures Book 19 : The Darkest Day

1684930 billion years ago, 769.12 billion years after the creation of Hyperspace, there was a beast. Yes, you are right! A ruthless, dangerous beast. The beast was a giant serpent, about the size of 3 medium Suns. It was called 'Terribilis Legless Lacerta' and it could fly. It battled the Four Wise Men, and won. It created Darkness and used it to block out the power of both Light and Twilight. One day, the Terribilis Legless Lacerta entered the biggest planet known to spacekind- Magnum II. Surprisingly, even though the Terribilis Legless Lacerta was very big, it fit in the Magnum II. It was spotted by a village elder and got harpooned in the stomach. That let out an outburst of Darkness which soaked Magnum II up. The Terribilis Legless Lacerta fled with its stomach still producing Darkness. The debris from the destruction of Magnum II hit the Terribilis Legless Lacerta and made it fall into another large planet, Magnum III. The Terribilis Legless Lacerta was careful and slid around a heavily fortified fortress before it sniffed out an Invisibility Mole deep under the foundations of the fortress. It went out of control and hit the Fortress, trying to knock it over. Sir Carlos de Mimsies Aare found the Terribilis Legless Lacerta and told everybody. Everybody hit the Terribilis Legless Lacerta with rotten fruits or even daggers and bullets! The Terribilis Legless Lacerta, heavily damaged, fled. It was incredibly tired so it dropped down and coiled around a moon. It was giving birth to something. Something with legs. Something that was not a snake. It was a baby boy.The Terribilis Legless Lacerta gently put the baby down and it flew away, almost dead. It then dropped into a Sun and died. The Sun also died which made a few parts of Hyperspace pitch black. The baby boy slept and burped out Darkness and destroyed the Moon. The baby fell into a planet called Calfro and was raised in a village. The villagers called him 'God of the Skies' as he magically appeared from the sky. One day when the baby was 2 weeks old, the village elder decided to give him a proper name. They decided on Mohammed Mozambisjis. One terrible day, Mohammed let out so much Darkness that the whole planet and nearby Sun was destroyed. The baby fell into the Stray Channel of Stardust which was known to speed time up a lot. So Mohammed was 39 years old in 12 weeks. Mohammed fed on Stardust and drank boiling liquid from the nearby Sun. One day, Mohammed was 690 years old and he left the Channel. Mohammed saw a piece of stone titled the 'the Past Augury-The Darkest Day' and read it and realised everything. He became so angry he let out a huge spurt of Darkness which destroyed 157 Suns.
"Code Red, Code Red, Code Red! ISRCs (Intergalactic Space Ranger Constable), Professors, Rangers, ITs (Intergalactic Technicians), ISRSs (Intergalactic Space Ranger Sergeant), PEs (Policy Enforcers), Captains and members! To your stations!" yelled ISRTSL Bloop (ISRTL stands for Intergalactic Space Ranger Temporal Supreme Leader). Everyone rushed to the HQ. "The ISRM (Intergalactic Space Rangers' Mothership) is sensing something blocking the Ultimate Master Sun. Professors Archie, Maxwell, Anaya, Oxford, Torma, Dhungel and Pine, follow me in the Super Stellar Rocket I," yelled ISRTSL Bloop, "ITs and Captains, control the Mothership! Rangers, PEs and Members, do about your work!"
"Is it just me or are we in a freezing planet with no light?" asked Chicken. "Nope. The Ultimate Master Sun is not working!" replied Johnny. "Wait a minute! What is that?" asked Croissant. They all looked at a gigantic, scaly body with no legs, and it looked burnt. "Oh my. It can't be... the..." started Professor Bob.
"Terribilis Legless Lacerta!" yelled Professor Tice, Professor Byte, Professor Bob and Johnny.



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