Hyperspace Adventures : Fossil Creature Records

Written by Professor Arnold, Professor Oxford, Johnny Bedmeh and Scientist Croucher from the Intergalactic Space Rangers

MILLIONS, possibly billions of years ago, there lived a creature older than time itself. This creature could reverse time, travel through time and pause time like no other creature could. But, there was another creature that rivaled the time creature. It was ultimately the eternal creature.
The Eternal Creature was known as the 'Aeturnus Mars'.
The Time Creature was known as the 'Tempus Prime'.
There was another creature who was known as the god of Hyperspace. It could control time, eternity, space, reality and anything in between.
It was known as the 'Deus Iudex'.
Now, Aeturnus Mars and Tempus Prime battled and formed more powerful demigods, known as the Legless Lacerta (the creature of Darkness), the Necromancer of Lux (the creature of Light), the Res of Crepusculum (the creature of Twilight), Terraeus (the creature of land), Mare Fluctus (the creature of water) and Volanser Creus (the creature of the skies). They battled and wiped out many creatures that are now extinct and are fossil creatures.


Fossilus Uno - The first fossil (Exclusive to the Lightest Lands)
Fossilus Duos- The Second Fossil (Exclusive to the Darkest Dystopia)
Fossilus Tribus- The third and widest fossil (Exclusive to the Volcano Ranges)
Fossilus Quattuor- The fourth and smallest fossil (Exclusive to the Sea of Wonder)
Fossilus Quinterus - The fifth and longest fossil (Exclusive to the Galaxy of Twilight)
Fossilus Sexton - The Sixth and only fossil with feathers (Exclusive to the Jagged Peaks)
Fossilus o' Polorous - A fossil found deep in the Grand Digging Hole
Fossilus o' Gallando - A fossil with wings but no feathers
Fossilus o' Swimus - A fossil found in the Trench of Aquatic Beginnings
Fossilus X- Unknown


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