Hyperspace Adventures Book 20 : The Sun & The Moon

Professor Oxford looked at the burnt horse with wings of silver. "It is Banjo Kelly. The wanted Pegasus," said Professor Archie. "What's the plan?" asked Professor Pine. "The plan is : We shall remove the burnt creatures from the Ultimate Master Sun. Then, Professor Anaya will be in the Super Stellar Rocket I and will quickly carry us away to the Mothership because the Ultimate Master Sun is extremely hot and only Professor Crafty's machines can withstand such a heat. Then, once we fly to the Mothership, Professor Torma and Professor Dhungel will heal these despicable creatures. Professor Maxwell will then jump off the Super Stellar Rocket I to see if the Sun is in good condition," explained ISRTSL Bloop in a complex manner.
Professor Bob jumped down the planet with the terrified crew of both Hyperspace Helpers and Intergalactic Space Rangers in tow. "Professor Crafty hit the button on the Rocket Tablet now!" he yelled. Professor Crafty fumbled around with the Rocket Tablet and pressed the button with the lightbulb icon. The Rocket Tablet was a machine made by Professor Crafty. If he pressed a button, a rocket would come depending on the button. The Cosmos Missile Rocket VII appeared. "It's a new version of the Cosmos Space Missile Rocket VI that disappeared somewhere. It's got new abilities like Camouflage, Lightning Missiles, the Enemy Radar, the Creature Sound Detector, a new communication system better than our radios, flare guns, a gravity chamber, an album of all the Professors, the speed has increased from 100056 light years per second to 1000450 light years per half-second! And guess what? It's even got super powerful sensor rays and a camera! It's new Super Missiles are composed of 7 atomic blasts, each stronger than before!" exclaimed Professor Crafty, beaming at his new creation. Everyone filed in, silent. "Check out this! A 3D model of Hyperspace! And a digital length of auto-maps to guide your way! And a lever that pulls at extreme speeds! This bar shows how much Light is in an area! This screen shows where the Emperor currently is! And this tank contains bunches of Holowear!" said Professor Crafty in excitement. "That's enough, Professor Crafty. Wait- what was that last one?" asked Professor Bob. "Oh! That tank contains bunches of Holowear!" said Professor Crafty. "No, the one before that!" yelled Professor Bob, driving the Cosmos Missile Rocket VII. "Oh...why didn't you ask me before? It's a screen that shows exactly where the Emperor currently is," replied Professor Crafty. "Nifty!" cried Ben. "He is currently very near the Ultimate Master Sun," said Johnny, looking at the screen.
"Ha! Take this!" yelled the Emperor.
Professor Anaya was hit by Darkness and was killed.
"And this!" roared the Emperor.
Professor Torma fell with a sickening crunch as Guru Chelmer Hittlerr killed him.
"Don't forget this!" cried the Sand Witch.
The Sand Witch covered Professor Archie with lava and killed him.
"And this too!" yelled the Emperor.
The Emperor knocked Professor Dhungel and Professor Maxwell into the Sun, killing them.
Then, the Emperor killed Professor Pine, Professor Oxford and ISRTSL Bloop before blowing up the Ultimate Master Sun. He smiled. The Intergalactic Space Rangers would be soon no more. He unleashed an extremely powerful gale of Darkness at the Mothership, destroying everything and everyone in it. He then grabbed a Mission sheet that fell from the Mothership and killed everyone that was on missions except for Professor Bob and his giant crew. The Sun and the Moon had finally met again. It was a full eclipse.



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