Hyperspace Adventures Book 22 : The Lost Trainee

Precisely 1072 years ago, lived a man by the name of Groug. He lived on a planet named Bristtle-98. Eventually, Bristtle-98 became involved in the 100 Planet War. The Emperor had laughed at him and took away his parents. Everyone was being trained, even babies! Everyone was used to village life, trading, fishing, shopping but not battling. A strong man named Po-Pok was one of the generals of the Bristtle-98 army. He recruited Groug into his legion and trained him. Trainee Groug was meant to be trained for 1000 years but Bristtle-98 had been captured by an enemy planet only 612 years after he began his training. All was killed on Bristtle-98 except for Groug who escaped to an isolated planet. Years dragged on and Groug became stronger and stronger. He hated the Emperor and all who worked for him. He had rebelled and escaped from the Emperor 6 times. He was the last hope for the Intergalactic Space Rangers.
The five escaped on the Pog Rider Rocket II onto Bristtle-12. "Trainee Groug, is our last hope. We must find him or all is lost. The Emperor will have destroyed Hyperspace with Darkness. Currently, Hyperspace is 34% covered with Darkness," croaked Professor Bob as he gulped down water. "Groug has not been seen for almost 458 years!" cried Chicken. Bob collapsed, thinking. Groug had been on Bristtle-98 for a long time. He had escaped to...what was it... DING! "Groug escaped to Bristtle-12! He is right on the planet! Quickly, we must find him now!" roared Ben in excitement. "Did someone say my name? Well, come in," came a shout from a house not too far away from them. Chicken's face was filled with excitement and Croissant was grinning as they made it to the small house. A bearded man was in there, with his mouth open.
"What are you guys doing in Bristtle-12, the last of the Bristtles? Who are you, ones that bear the mark of fight? Nobody, nobody knows where I hid except for that vile Emperor. You are part of the Wagga Wagga Goblin Army! YOU SHALL BE DISPOSED OF!" yelled Groug as his enormous hands grabbed the five and chained them to the wall. Professor Crafty, who had his eyes closed, moaned. He was extremely weak after the encounter of the Emperor and his griffin. "We are NOT from the Wagga Wagga Goblin Army. Please take our word. We are the last of the Intergalactic Space Rangers and we vow to defeat the evil Emperor," said Johnny softly. "Prove it. If you are not part of the Wagga Wagga Goblin Army, then you should be intelligent. I will give you a riddle, so listen carefully. What flows without end, what is the most powerful and what is the key to Hyperspace?" asked Groug. "Err... Light?" asked Professor Crafty weakly.
"I know! Twilight?"
"NO, NO AND NO! THE ANSWER IS DARKNESS! I live by Darkness. Darkness saved me as it will do to you. Surrender now to my gracious lord, the Emperor!" roared Groug. The five could not believe it! Groug had changed over the years. Professor Crafty choked and sank to the floor, whimpering. "You friend will be gone. All bow to the Emperor!" yelled Groug and he stepped on Professor Crafty. Professor Crafty whispered to Chicken, Ben, Croissant and Professor Bob, "Do not fail. Please, save Hyperspace... without me." And he was dead. Only 4 Rangers survived and they were thrown into a locked area by Groug.



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