Hyperspace Adventures Book 23 : The Rift

The magical creatures of the universe next to Trainus Sentral had finally escaped after 60000000 Googolplexes of confinement. The earliest creature, a Gramzu had been in Hyperspace for more that 12000657000000000999 googolplexes. They were directly made from the 4 Wise Men and they were extremely responsible for their work to Hyperspace. They overlooked the beginning of galaxies, stars, planets and even Universes. Then, googolplexes later, the Emperor had defeated the Four Wise Men and captured all five of the different magical creatures species: the Gramzu species, the Sgealle species, the Moho species, the Porpk species and lastly, the Lell species. The Gramzu species' magic could transform anything to anything. They could also create stars, planets or moons. The Sgealles were extremely combative, using their magic of changing the weather, making natural disasters and create nebulae. The Mohos were quite peaceful but they could block anything and they could turn invisible. The Porpks were more than what you could call speedy. Not only were they extremely fast but they could change time, speed and distance. Lastly, the Lells. These were the rarest and most powerful of all creatures. They were invincible. They could carry out the Will of anybody and they had the amazing ability of folding the fabric of space. They could create Rifts. Most importantly, the Lells could erase Darkness from Hyperspace in their wake. And the creatures would do anything to destroy Darkness and the Emperor.
After weeping over Professor Crafty's corpse, the last four Rangers picked themselves up. But they were sealed up in an impregnable fortress. They could never, ever open the door. They could not break the walls. They were trapped. "We should've known that Groug would have been influenced by the Dark Forces. We should've known. Now 1 dead body becomes 5. All of Hyperspace shall bow to its fate as the Emperor succeeds," moaned Professor Bob. Ben yelled. There was suddenly a rip in the air. The rip became bigger until it was as wide as a tree. It was a circular thing. The rip was swirling with Light energy and showed galaxies out of it. Johnny suddenly understood. "It is a Rift! We are free! We shall go inside the Rift and escape!" he yelled in happiness. "No, Johnny. What if the Emperor planned this Rift to take us to a stronger prison? Or even our immediate death?" said Ben seriously. "No," said Professor Bob softly, "No. The Emperor could not create a Rift with so much Light energy. Only a magical creature, the Lells, could do such a thing." The words echoed in the fortress. Everyone hesitated before jumping in to the Rift. The Rift closed and there was a tremble.
The Emperor sat in his throne. He had inflicted 41% of Hyperspace with Darkness. He grinned. As the dial went up to 50%. The Midnight Griffin had been increasing it so quickly by making gales of Darkness. Suddenly, the dial went down to 32%. He cried in terror. The Midnight Griffin had been slayed by a Lell and the Lell was erasing the Darkness. Guru Chelmer Hittlerr, the Sand Witch and Captain Deadbeard were shivering as the Emperor yelled at them. The three had worked together to trap the Magical Creatures in the Universe known as Gortoas. Now, the prison had broke. The Lells and the others had escaped. Suddenly, the ground trembled and a small, cute blue creature tumbled out of a rip in the air. It was a Lell. The Lell was angry and it was about to destroy the whole planet and the Emperor before Guru Chelmer Hittlerr grabbed it from the ground. The Sand Witch paralyzed the Lell and put it down. The three worked together to create an enchanted prison. They threw the Lell in.
Chicken and Croissant tripped on each other as they fell through the Rift. There was a Lell outside. It could not talk but it could read and talk into someone's mind. We are close to the Emperor's base. We want you four to infiltrate it and defeat everyone in there. Even the Emperor! thought everyone. "But..." grumbled Ben but they were forced to go inside.
The Lell shook off the paralysis but it was encaged. It could not get out unless it did something. Suddenly, a swarm of 70000 Porpks, Mohos, Sgealles and Gramzus appeared. Time was warped, gales of Darkness were blocked and mini meteors fell. The Emperor was battered. Then a Gramzu stepped up and chanted :
'La la lasputied, grugga bu dugga,
zugga zugga Emperoreus tous
Froggus ous Grouzoo to bood-"
The Emperor recognized the chant. It was a spell that could transform him into a frog. The Sand Witch froze the Gramzu and then thawed him out before using a spell that suffocate the Gramzu to death. The other creatures were also killed. It was distraction.
Ben had unlocked the 100th floor of the base. Chicken, with his Chicken Gun, was leaving dead members of the Wagga Wagga Goblin Army in his wake. "You killed 5 generals, 17 sergeants, 350 lieutanents and 1 marshal! OK, I bet the 100th floor of the Emperor's Base is extremely dangerous. They opened the door but were stopped in their tracks. The Commander-In-Chief of the Wagga Wagga Goblin Army was there. Suddenly, Chicken launched himself against the Commander-In-Chief while the others cut the Emerald that was protecting the button. Then they pressed the SELF DESTRUCT Button. The base was destructing in 10 seconds! Croissant leaped out of the Base. 9 seconds! Professor Bob and Ben both (with difficulty) wedged themselves out of the base. 2 seconds! Chicken was pounded by the Commander-In-Chief. 0 seconds! The base exploded and the three were safe. They saw the Emperor flying out of the Base. They had failed. "We destroyed everyone except for the Emperor," sobbed Ben. "And Chicken is dead..." moaned Professor Bob.

They had lost another member of their party. Who was next?



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