Hyperspace Adventures Book 24 : Let's Unite!

Every single Lell was captured. All 443. Except for 1 Lell. It was a small Lell but it had escaped from the enchanted prison. They had been sent back to the Universe next to Trainus Sentral again. They would not get out for 100000 googolplex years. But Darkness had invaded the Universe and the Lells, tired, gave themselves up and they were gone. Except for that one Lell. It was the last Lell.
On the rubble of the base of the Emperor, out came 4 people. The Sand Witch, Captain Deadbeard, Guru Chelmer Hittlerr and the Emperor. They had escaped and fled to another moon very far away. There, they created the Wagga Wagga Goblin Army II and made a new base. They held 24 prisoners there. They were the Intergalactic Space Agents, helpers of the Intergalactic Space Rangers. 23 Agents were dead. Only Jayden survived and he was in a rough shape after his long battle with the Storm. Cheekee Beakee flew to Captain Deadbeard's arm and whispered, "Only 3 Rangers remain and they are coming to this base." Jayden gulped. He was a prisoner and had to fight his way out. But then the Storm would just eat him up.
Professor Bob, Ben, Croissant and the Last Lell made it to a moon where the second base of the Emperor was. The Lell talked into Ben's mind : 'Your agents have been captured. Only 1 remains : Jayden and he is in no shape to fight.' Then, the Lell shuddered and held up his arm. Then, a gigantic Black Hole appeared sucking in the Base. Everyone was killed except for the Sand Witch, Captain Deadbeard, Guru Chelmer Hittlerr and the Emperor again! Jayden's corpse fell on the Emperor and trapped him. Croissant ran to defeat the Emperor but the Emperor shot a gale of Darkness, annihilating Croissant. Croissant and Jayden were dead and they were blown away into the Black Hole. The Emperor cackled, "Only you two remain. You shall feel my wrath. Be gone!" And a massive gale of Darkness struck, aiming at Professor Bob and Ben. But then, the Lell jumped forward, absorbed the Darkness and let go of it again, transforming it into Light. The Emperor snarled and disappeared, teleporting to somewhere else. Professor Bob looked sombre. "We are doomed. Hyperspace will be gone if something doesn't happen," he said. Then Ben spoke up, "To increase our chances of survival, we must part ways but we will still work together to defeat the Emperor." Professor Bob cleared his throat before saying, "You go with the Lell. I will go somewhere far, far away in hiding. From this day, we may never see each other again. But if you succeed, I will come back to you. The only way to defeat the Emperor is to summon the Wise Man of the West, the last Wise Man. To do that, you must go into the Shrine of Strength. Not the Shrine of Purity. Not the Shrine of Hope. Not the Shrine of Balance. You must go to the the Shrine of Strength and only then will we succeed." The two parted. Ben went with the Lell to an area that was close to the Shrine of Strength. Professor Bob went far, far away to a very distant Universe known as Gralmn. The Emperor had to be defeated.



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