Hyperspace Adventures Book 27 : Beyond The Multiverse

The Channel of Midnight exploded with Darkness as Ben and the Lell frantically fled to another planet. The Channel was destroyed. It was probably the Emperor's doing. They had to find the last Shrine : the Shrine of Strength. Professor Bob's words rang in his ears : "You must find the Shrine of Strength and only then will we succeed." It felt like years since Professor Bob and he had departed. But it had only been two weeks. The Lell usually knew where the Shrines were but this time, the Shrine of Strength was unknown to any body. Except, maybe the Emperor. The Shrine of Hope was the easiest, as it had no guard. The Shrine of Purity was guarded by Morporgortor, the Emperor's Cerberus until Ben had killed Morporgortor and claimed the Orb of Purity. The Shrine of Balance was harder as he had to pass trials before battling a cursed tree. Who knew what the Shrine of Strength had? Perhaps the last Shrine had been destroyed by the Emperor. But the Shrine was impregnable and it could never be destroyed. Ben suddenly saw it- the Shrine of Strength. They hurried inside. But it was blocked. The Lell shrieked before unleashing a beam of Light, destroying the Barrier. They stepped inside, Ben's heart pounding fiercely. Inside was a huge piece of a Sun, one of the oldest ones. It was dying and the Lell shuddered. "Well, well, well, Ben. Time to meet your death," roared someone inside the Sun. The Sun exploded with heat and it was gone. The Emperor stepped out, grinning. The Lell looked angry as it blasted its powerful beams of light but was countered by the Emperor's strong gales of Darkness. Ben realised it was his chance! He leapt forward, not knowing whether to take the Orb or strike the Emperor with one of his own Orbs. But the Emperor picked him up and threw him back before using a strong, invisible force to push the Lell back.
"You don't know how powerful I have become. While you, Ben are nothing without Professor Bob or the Lell. However courageous you are, you shall either die or bow to me and join the new Hyperspace. Aargh, the Four Wise Men created Hyperspace so bad! I bet I could do a better job with my eyes closed. Now, join me or die like all those before you," threatened the Emperor ominously. "No," said Ben firmly.
"Yes," growled the Emperor.
"No," called Ben.
"Yes," roared the Emperor.
"No," said a different voice.
The Emperor and Ben both stared in shock because the Lell had spoken. "I thought you couldn't speak!" gasped Ben. "I can now, thanks to you," said the Lell, in a deep, booming voice. The Emperor roared with anger. "It does not matter whether you can talk or not! You both are DEAD," the Emperor bellowed. "NO. You will be stripped of all your power and sent to the Enchanted Prison you created. Except, the enchantments are ten times stronger. You will never get out until you die. However, your cowardly assistants, the Sand Witch, Captain Deadbeard and Guru Chelmer Hittlerr have gone it hiding. Hyperspace will be cleared of Darkness and the Wise Man of the West will return," said the Lell calmly. And with that, the Emperor was banished to the enchanted prison that the Lells had been in for so long. And, the Emperor no longer had any powers. Then, Ben claimed the Orb of Strength, still in shock. The Orb of Strength was red as a blazing fire and carved on the Orb was a huge W. Then, strength returned to him easily. The four Orbs flashed together and before Ben could utter a single word, the Orbs became a flashing lights before they joined together into a gleaming sphere of light. Ben shrieked as the last Lell jumped into the spherical beam of light. Then, a man walked into the Shrine. "Good job, Ben. You proved yourself powerful. Now you shall continue your journey- with and without me," said none other than Professor Bob. "W-what do you mean?" gasped Ben. Professor Bob said, "You shall see," before jumping into the blazing ball of light. Then, there was a boom, a creak and a bang as the light reformed itself- into the Wise Man of the West. "All Darkness shall be banished and Light will once again claim Hyperspace!" the Wise Man said, with the same gravelly voice as Professor Bob and the same deep, booming voice as the Last Lell. "Do you not understand yet?" said the Wise Man, grinning.



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