Master Of Facade

The moonbeam glistened over the pebbled hill.
Her hair beaming blonde, bewitched my gaze.
How was I the one chosen by a goddess?
Tails of treachery overcome, for my cerebrum was not the decider.
We lay bare upon the turfed hillock, the magnificence of Perth.
My mind traverses time and space, Is this love...?

A season passes without duress.
Inner peace appears in a Homosapien form.
Her eyes, my smiles, fun that never perishes.
Emotions so pure, fact my heart won't lead me astray.
I relocate to engage her. face to face.
"I... Lov...."

Thou shan't bestow one's heart to a wench.
Thou... Shall seal one's emotions to save them from the pain that is treachery!
I face a goddess, for when I turn, the devil dances.
As my heart lead me beyond time. Ricky and John ingressed hers.
The armaments bury deep within my flesh. My heart's resilience tested again.
The salt of my wound, for it, was sprinkled without a glove.
The flame of life shimmered. God knew better than to waste it on an impulse.

My journey continues. My heart still beats.
my capacities stretched but unbroken.
A warning for my supersede. one unheard by me.
The devil wears the mask of an Angel.
Never play, tempt or taunt a master of facade.

Rest in peace a relationship that was not meant to be.

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