The Master Of Facade

Her blonde hair beaming in the moonlight.
we lay bare on the glistening turf.
retinas glistening as if they were the magnificent of Perth.
thou art beyond luck to be chosen by an angel.
My cardiac rhythm matches space and time.
The chemical soup that fills my cerebrum, I have no other outcome.
Our singular titles intertwine as do our bodies.

Shangri La seems all but achieved.
The sight, the thought, the sound. My hearts abound
Pure as 1000 roses. Tainted only by time.
Achievements so vast to experience this blessing.
I resolve my soul and being to this journey.
is this the mythical, the badly desired?
My heart confirms it. As does my phallus.
The time is now, the pressure must be let out.

"I love you"

The words phase through her.
lacking empathy and remorse, my world is shattered.
I thousand armaments, introduced to my back.
The facade shows an angel. Tender and kind.
True nature the devil dancing in a bronze complexion.
Entertaining John and Ricky. indulging without a glove.
The embers of life whistle. the universe knows better than to waste a life.

Thou shan't trust a wench.
Snake-like skin covers soul.
It rots as it turns blacker than coal.
power of facade courses her veins.
Her heart was worth nothing, her smile opaque darkening her soul.
The devil in person. many are enthralled a dim fate lay ahead.
Darkness surrounds me. Trust all but gone.
My life has been seduced out of me. I am but a shell.

Head my warning.
For men young and old.
The ugly, the brave, the faint of heart.
if you meet her your heart will be owned.
If you meet her, run.
pack your bags, lock your doors, run to the hills.
Avoid at all costs.
the master of facade.

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