Hyperspace Adventures Book 28 : The Deepest Rift

The Emperor was stuck in Gortoas, the Universe where the Lells and the other magical creatures had been encaged in. But this time, the enchantments were ten times stronger. The Emperor roared and tried to unleash a gale of Darkness but he had lost his powers. Then, a Rift appeared. The Emperor tried to jump in but he was propelled back. The Enchantments were too strong. It prevented him from entering the Rift. Then, the Rift started talking. "Emperor! Hear us out. We are the Sand Witch, Guru Chelmer Hittlerr and Captain Deadbeard. We will break you out of Gortoas with our magic and Darkness," said the Sand Witch from the other end of the Rift. The Emperor was quite pleased about breaking out. He asked, "When shall I get out of this cursed prison?" There was a hesitation from the other end. "When this Rift deepens, we shall combine our powers and make the Rift very deep. Then, you can get out. The enchantment for escaping Rifts in this Universe was Rift Repel II. But since the enchantments are stronger, it's Rift Repel XX. This Rift, when deep enough, will be able to resist up to Rift Repel LV. Hold tight, Emperor! We shall tell you when you can escape," said Captain Deadbeard. The Emperor smiled before sitting down and thinking. He knew the enchantments. They were :
Rift Repel XX
Imprisoning XL
Bounce Back XXX
Sealing LXXX
Impregnable Fort L
Barrier M
Blocking L
Durability XX
The Emperor grinned at the chance of escaping. Then, he heard a crack. The Rift had deepened a little bit.
Ben was still in shock. "Y-you absorbed Professor Bob!" he stuttered, astounded. The Wise Man of the West grinned, "I know. Bob was born from the light, made by me directly. He is a fragment of me. So are the Orbs. The Orbs, the Lell and Professor Bob created a ball of power that became bigger in the Shrine of Strength. My soul was present there and the ball of power sucked my soul in, bringing me back. Ben finally understood. The Wise Man had escaped to a remote area before creating the Shrines and the Orbs. He buried the other Wise Men in the Shrines. He destroyed his body into Professor Bob, the Lell and the Orbs. Using those elements created him again. "Now, Ben. Mohammed will try to escape Gortoas! I can feel it. The Sand Witch, Captain Deadbeard and Guru Chelmer Hittlerr are assisting him. Those three are powerless without him. Then the Emperor will regain his powers. We must stop him," explained the Wise Man of the West. He was right.
The Emperor was still waiting for the Rift to deepen more. Then, the Sand Witch spoke to him in the Rift. "Emperor, this taking way longer than we expected. It will probably take another two months to get you out. See you in two months," she said. The Emperor was in a rush to defeat the 'do-gooders' so he was angry.



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