Hyperspace Adventures Book 29 : Hyperspace Fury

A long time ago, there was a beast, a notorious beast. Its name was Lord Ianuae. It could create circle-like portals that could teleport anything to anywhere in Hyperspace and suck up planets with those portals. Unfortunately, it used that power for evil. But one day a great hero conquered the beast and took all its power, capturing it in a bottle and sealing it away. But Lord Ianuae could once again become powerful and giant with the help of a villain...
The Emperor, still stuck in the forcefield of confinement, heard a voice.
"Come towards me. You will get out and together we can rule Hyperspace!" The Emperor jumped backwards, shocked. "Who are you and where are you?" the Emperor demanded, looking around wildly for the source of sound. "I am Lord Ianuae! I am trapped in this horrible bottle that has confined me for a long, long time. Set me free and I will create a portal to get you out, give you powers and we can rule Hyperspace forever!" roared the voice. The Emperor had heard about the legend of the Portal Beast and he could not resist feeling a rush of excitement. The Lord was all-powerful and could easily destroy Hyperspace. "Free me from the bottle. Unscrew it," demanded the voice again. The Emperor smiled a wicked smile and slowly unscrewed the cap of the misty bottle.
The Lord flew out of the bottle, flinging the Emperor backwards. Finally the Emperor had a good look of the Lord. It was a huge beast, with masses of green hair and multiple arms all holding a different ring with pouring energy.
The Emperor smiled, there was work to do.
There was a huge bang. Ben looked around alarmed before he saw a huge, golden ring with swirling energy. Then there was a bang and the Wise Man of the West came running through!
Then, out of the corner of his eyes, Ben saw a huge beast with the Emperor.



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