Soldiers For Generations

Today is the day
The day I must commemorate and pray
I look at the medals that hang upon my wall
Every single one, shiny and small
Each generation was hanging there
For many, that is very rare
Each story is different for each person, each medal present
Every single one running through my head, understanding what they meant
I try to understand what they meant by “Don’t go into the army”, to change my dreams
But I came to realize their stories only ended in screams
My Great Great Grandfather, a man whom I never knew
He fought in the First World War, not knowing if he survived too
From what I’ve been told
He was a strong man, very kind and very bold
Not much has been said about the man, the myth himself
But the little information can help me know him myself
Next came my Great Grandpa after him
He was like his father, the light he shone never grew dim
Fighting in World War 2 would have been rough
Those damn Nazis were strong and tough
I haven’t been told much about him since I came into the family I know and love
Even if he’s gone, with his father, I hope they have given the world their peace dove
From the movies that I have seen
They are gory, but nothing like the actual thing, nothing that could be on screen
Thinking about their history
It truly is a horrible mystery
They shouldn’t have gone through what they did
They had no choice in saving our country, no way of going off the grid
Speaking of hiding from the war in their life
Going to the Vietnam War for Grandpa would have caused some strife
Name pulled out of the hat
The feeling of being sent to war, he cursed and spat
No victory was found at the end of this war
The only thing he received was the images he saw
I wish he would tell me more about that fateful day
But my parents always told me he would never say
A father like son
My step dad joined army cadets which was fun
His time in the cadets was a blast
Unfortunately, he had to leave that in the past
He got to the highest rank you could go
From Lance Corporal to CUO
One ANZAC Day he wrote a poem like I have today
Remembering the fallen left him feeling grey
My step brother and sister joined the cadets too
Bro stayed while my sister left, who knew
They both enjoyed it while they could
From what they told me it was good
My brother then took it a step further, turning it into a career
Joining the army, he didn’t last more than a year
He told me basic training was hard
And when you’re out in field, never let down your guard
I followed in their footsteps to army cadets
They told me its as good as it gets
I went in, chubby and weak
Went home every night never bleak
The day I left I gained an understanding
The army and war could make you the last man standing
Every story they told, every moment they saw
Each sad and chilling, leaving me in awe
So, I sit here looking at each of their rewards
Sound of silence, listening to the creaking of floor boards
A single tear rolls down my cheek
The dull sky so grey and bleak
My heart goes to the men that fought
To the ones that died, I will always give you a second thought
To the ones that survived war, my heart goes out to you
No one could ever imagine what you went through
My family of army cadets stand tall when we mourn
Watching each family lay a wreath sorrowful and torn
ANZAC Day has a very different meaning now
I lower my head to bow
Your stories will never be forgotten for you served us well
For your courage we shall not dwell
I tighten my grasp on my poppy stem
We shall remember them

Lest We Forget

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