~The Tower That Held Secrets~

As waves crashed, thunder boomed in the distance as I climbed up the dark stairs towards the top of the forbidden tower. Lightning struck and I yelped. Every step I climbed, the more slippery the steps got. At the last step, I was due to slip. Suddenly, I got a marvellous idea. I took off my battered sneakers and the grips underneath my socks. They helped me get to the summit of the tower. The old door creaked as I stepped in the room. The bare walls were wooden and the paint was peeling. In the corner, an unmade bed looked as if it had been there before my older sister was born. A huge chest with a huge, mossy lock was in the corner and to my surprise there was a key stuck in it. Cautiously, I lifted the lid and shut my eye, expecting something to attack me. But, all I could hear was a strange whirring sound. I looked down to see a huge black ball with purple streaks formed and floated to my eye level. I looked into it and all my memories came flooding back. It showed me the day mama died, it showed me the day papa got fired from his job, it showed me the day my sister moved out. All those sad memories came back. Out of the blue, the ball exploded and a strong force pushed me back towards the stairs. I hung on to the bed post as tight as I could, for my life. Then I remembered why I was here. The reason I was here was to ask the goblin the secret of my evil principle, Mr Static, and the reason that he always popped up when I least needed him. Like the time I had my parent teacher conference. Anyways, I hung onto the bed for dear life. All of a sudden, the wind stopped and a purple goblin emerged from the chest. I went over to greet it. It ran away. I chased it. It ran down the stairs. I ran down the stairs. The next few events happened in slow motion. The purple creature looked at me and pulled a face. I slipped and hit my head. Everything went dark.


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