~Paradise Island Description~

As the soft breeze flowed through my long, dark wavy hair, I sat down on a patch of the softest grass you could ever imagine. Birds squawked in the distance and the tall palm trees swayed side to side, as if they were dancing. This tropical island was covered with fruits like papayas, bananas and even coconuts, which smelt so delicious, I almost drooled, as it was so tempting to grab one and take a huge bite out of it. The rippling waves flowed silently onto the white sand. White, fluffy clouds floated across the crystal sky, where the blazing sun was going for a dip in the reaching horizon. The sun was shining brilliantly. As I stepped onto the fluffy and silky sand, it moved between my toes, tickling as it stuck to my heel. The water splashed at me playfully, getting me drenched with salty water. The beautiful bright blue sky soon became a bright orange, then to a darker shade of purple. Soon the sky became dark and I was forced to return back to my cosy home. I jogged through the tall bushes and the wind attempted to push me back to the place I longed to be. After a while, I got back to my colourful garden, with bananas, mangos and apples hanging on tall branches . I clambered up the stairs to my blue bedroom and crawled into my bed. Looking outside my window, the sun had disappeared completely and the moon was shining high, accompanied by all the million sparkling stars in the dazzling night sky. How lucky I am to be living in this beautiful paradise!



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