In 1915 there was a young man, who carried his pack, and lived a free life rover, in the dusty outback, and went to go to see what had been done, and then went to join the army, then they sent him away with a tin hat and a gun, and played Waltzing Matilda as the ship drifted away from the quay. while amidst all cheers, the flag waving and tears, then sailed off the Gallipoli. and how well does he remeber that terrible day where the blood stained the sand, and how it felt like hell how they called suvla bay, and it was like we were butchered like lambs waited to be slaughter. Johnny turk was ready he'd primed himself so well, that in 5 minutes flat he's blown us all to hell, blown us so far you coundnt imagine it was like flying all the way back to australia.

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