‘Best friends’ finally departed
Pain and misery have just started
Her cries become the rain
Her anger becomes the storming hail
And her love becomes the raging floods
But her love never sets sail
The wind pushes it down till it drowns
And the clouds darken the way
By stopping the sunshine’s rays
And that’s just one sentence of my sad story
Every cloud has a silver lining
And every story has a happy ending
But what if the perfect ending never occurs
As perfect becomes a vision blurred
Im expecting two words and those two words only
I want you to apologize and say sorry
For the things you have and have not done
And all the s*** which makes love ever so lonely
A flame starts to appear
Which is all full of fear
It gets bigger as the pages flip
And bigger with every heart ripped.
One day he shall understand
One day she’ll tell you everything
One day she’ll give back the ring
And one day her heart will mend