Hannah's Wish

Hannah dreamily stared at the clear blue sky above her as she lay flat on her back, a pencil in one hand and her favourite blue notebook with pink flowers on it and a picture of a cute little robbin on it. "Once upon a time" she scribbled on the notepater. "There lived a little girl serving a Royal family." she paused, looked up at the blue sky again and continued writing. "The girl dreamed of flying. Flying with the birds. She wanted to be free like a a bird, but she could never be free. "Hannah! Dinner's ready!" her foster mother cried. She had a foster mother because her parents died of a teriible disease, and Hannah was afraid she would die of it, too.Hannah snapped shut her notebook and took one final glance at the sky and sighed. The birds will come for her one day, just not today. She went inside, saying under her breath, "The girl was a very sick and very ill child and she knew the doctors couldn't help her. She knew she would die. Just like her parents did. Her name was Hannah."
The next day at school Hannah stared out the window into the blue skies."Hannah's parents died, so she was sent to live with another family, which was very selfish and unkind to her." She felt dizzy, and amongst the sounds of her teacher talking, she laid her head on the table. "Rest...for a while..." She was spinning, twisting. Red and blue flashes, then an image of a hospital. She lay, breathing slowly. "Hannah" she thought "one day decided to lie on the bank and call to the birds to help her fly." Everything went black for Hannah and she saw two figures. She smiled, and with her last breath, she said "She got her wish."


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