Bombs and nuclear filled things
Pain and poverty is all it brings
So why do people do it, I will never understand
For fame? For money or for land?
There is no reason to kill your kind
A reason to kill innocent people, You will never find
Because when you put yourself in that position
What will be your decision?
Still Fame , still money or still land?
Or would you rather give them a hand?
What is easier do you think?
Bombing ships and making then sink?
Would you buy the bomb and bother?
Or would rather donate a dollar?
And help the people who need it desperately
Then you walk home happy and then you smile pleasantly?
Yes, I know that donating and killing might both be considered as... fun
But what do you think will be the right one?
Killing for fame, money and land?
Or giving people a little hand?
Helping people who need it desperately
And then you smile to yourself pleasantly?