You were the one
I trusted the most
My Best friend
Who wasn’t a ghost
You were so real
I couldn’t believe
You were so true
Such a gift I’ve received
The best things in life
Cost not one cent
The best things in life
You don’t have to rent
The times we have shared
Are precious to me
These times not forgotten
They were all free
So protect my presence
Deep in your heart
So if I can’t see you
Where not really apart
Please be my friend
Today and forever
Maybe my best friend
Someone to treasure
It’s always my fault
Whenever ever we fight
Sometime I can’t sleep
When it come to the night
Then I wake up
And ignore you all day
An apology was all
I wanted you to say
So when you forgive me
If you ever do
Remember this Vinnie
You hurt me too


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