Darkness To Light

In the mirror I see
a scared girl about to cry
she wants to break free
but she has no strength to try

she looks into her own eyes
looking for some answers
but all she sees
is darkness in her surroundings

she finds herself drowning
in her own mind
her monsters hold her down
her monsters are not kind

she looks for her angel
in the darkness, in the light
but she can not see
as her monsters block her sight

cuts soon appear
up and down her wrists
red blood tears
as her monsters assist

her demons bite
into her body deep
as she tries to fight
but she cant, she's too weak

she cries out loud
for someone to come
to help her, save her
to raise the sun

darkness to light
as her angel appears
a beauty to her sight
no more red tears

slaying her demons
fighting her fears
killing her monsters
and wiping away her tears

the angel speaks
his words so calm and kind
he takes her hand
and opens up her mind

he covers her wounds
and picks her up
he carries her away
to his heaven top

her demons can not reach
her monsters can not fly
no more red tears
will this girl cry

she is safe at last
from her monsters touch
and her demons grasp
she is safe in her angels arms.


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