Fairy Fire

As I turned to walk away, a tennis ball hit my back. I saw Lizzie’s face. She was grinning. That was the last straw. That ball was thrown on purpose; it was supposed to hit my back.
“You’re in for it now, Lizzie!!!” I screamed. Lizzie had climbed back up the tree with the ball, to give it back to her friend, Francesca. I raced back towards them.
“What was that for?? Because you hate me??” I asked Lizzie.
“Wow, you don’t say!” She replied rudely. Suddenly I flew at her. In my anger my whole body turned to flames. As I flew, my fairy wings appeared, and the fire raced around the oval, until the whole oval was on fire. But I kept coming. I kicked her off the branch she was sitting on, giving her a scorched dress. Then I flew down so my burning fingers almost touched her face.
“Listen, Lizzie!! I have powers, that you could not imagine. Don’t mess with me, for your own good.” I said. I brushed my fingers over face, leaving 2 scorch marks.
And she never bothered me again.


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