Fairytale Hell

King and queen of hearts
Calling out my name
Follow the white rabbit
Until you fall over the edge

Evil stepmother
Ordering me to sweep my own ashes
Away from her glory
As I call to her from the flames

The dwarfs watch in anticipation
As I greedily eat the poison
I am determined to give them no satisfaction
As I claim what is rightfully mine

Voices echoing from the woods
As I make my way past the badgers home
An eighth his size it seems to me
Nothing but a treat for so many who have fallen from faith

They call me the Sleeping Beauty
But beauty is not found here
I am shredded and cut
With nothing to pull me back together, I sleep

Let down my golden hair
I take out the razors, as I am locked in this tower
And slice at the skin-deep beauty
There shall no longer be a knight on a white horse for me


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