The sun shone dim,
That bloody day,
As fathers, husbands,
Went away,
And now again,
Their story told,
Of trenches thin,
To rifles hold,
They gave their lives,
Their hopes,
Their dreams,
They heard their brother's dying screams,
Brothers young,
And brothers old,
Fighting in the deadly cold,
An enemy they did not know,
But no compassion did they show,
The tears of blood,
They sadly cried,
As yet another soldier died,
The very few who made it out,
Cried and laughed and gave a shout,
But they could never be the same,
Never, ever,
Not again,
Let's not forget their fallen mates,
the ones who fell to bravest fates,
Leaving family and child behind,
They should be ever on our mind,
And relatives of all those lost,
As they also paid the cost,
Of war that they could not avoid,
And nothing could ever fill the void,
Of father, brother, grandpa gone,
As relatives tried to live on,
And as dawn comes to hill and glen,
We always will remember them.