Beauty and pain live side by side,
Stop thinking I have so much fear to hide,
Keep pulling me along on your string,
Is it a sin or a gift that you bring?
Are you the villain or the hero?
I can’t work it out oh I want to know.
How can my love come from their only hate?
Shining in the light of this glorious day,
People keep stopping me saying its dark,
As far as I know it's as light as my heart,
Can I come with you on your spree?
I want to know that it's my choice to breathe.

The rush and the thrill of the bang and then stop,
You say it's bad oh no I say it's hot,
Tell me your secrets and tell me your stories,
Just let me come and keep on exploring,
Tall building towers and shadowed alley ways,
I want to be there to help you escape.

Open my eyes the world is clearer,
Where have you gone I thought you were closer,
When night falls I'll go back again,
If only I could be there 'til the end.


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