You looked at me, at the age of 3
Turned around and disowned me.

Not looking back; I smiled at you
Not knowing what to do.

Jane took me home as mum started to cry,
Your love for me was just a big lie.

I hope you're happy, you've hurt me for life
You left my mum and started a new life.

No contact, No letter
For 18 long years
No phone call or email and I'm still in tears.

One day, I will meet you again
And on that day, I will do the same.

I will tell you my life and how you were never there,
Maybe one day you will start to care.

I will look at you and turn away,
I will disown you some day.

You will know soon, how I've felt all these years.
You're not my father, but I'm still in tears.

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