D Day Landings

Blood! That’s all I can see. Blood of my men. I limped weakly to the sad horrible scene. The pain in my left leg was unbearable and it was slowly killing me. My blood was streaming out and all I could do was rip a part of my shirt and tie it tightly around my wounded leg. I didn’t want to keep on going but I had to. I had to see if some of my men were still alive. I had to. I looked and I saw that in front of me, all of my men’s bodies were lying scattered around like dead rats. My heart was full of hatred and anger at the Germans for doing this, for killing my men, for invading and taking over my beloved France, for… “Alexandre!” a tiny faint voice came into my ears. It sounded so familiar. Who was it? Oh my gosh! Was that Ethan? I can’t believe it. I can’t believe my best friend was still alive! I immediately screamed, “I’m coming Ethan!” with all my strength. I started to run but my leg was pulling me back. My mind was telling me to stop but my heart wanted me to move on. I couldn’t just leave Ethan; after all he’s done for me. I just had to keep on crawling towards him. Burning tears were streaming down my face now. My eyes were wide open. I had finally reached Ethan. I half ran half walked up to him. He was lying there, on the cold hard ground. His right shoulder was all floppy and just yuck. I hold him as if he would disappear once more. I got down and just smiled at him and he smiled back. I didn’t know what was going to happen or what we will do but I must look happy, for Ethan’s sake. Suddenly I collapsed onto the ground. The last thing I heard was a call...“Général de division! We have to move quickly”. I was out of strength then, but managed to say, “No, not without Ethan”. I slowly closed my eyes. Voices saying...Général de division...got fainter and fainter until all was black.
Bright! I woke up to a bright light. I was scared as I thought I was dead and was in heaven; but slowly my vision came clear and I realized that I was in a hospital. There were lots of wounded soldiers in beds all around me. My mind recalled of Ethan. Where was he? Was he safe? With panic I looked around for Ethan but I couldn’t see him partly because I was lying down. So I struggled up, to a sitting position but my leg was still hurting like mad but I managed, just. Suddenly a hand gently touched my shoulder. I jerked back because I was surprised. I felt that a million knives were stabbing my leg. I looked back and saw a nurse. She looked at me and I looked back. Our eyes met and we looked at one another for ages. Her eyes were sparkling like diamonds and I couldn’t take my eyes off her. I’ve never had this feeling before. There are so many words to describe it but none of them match what I’m feeling right now. I just had to ask the nurse for her name so I did. I found out that. She told me her name was Antonella. What a beautiful angel with such a pretty name. I sighed deeply. Oh no! I forgot about Ethan. How could I have done that? What a horrible friend I am. I immediately asked Antonella about Ethan. She comforted that everything was okay and he was fine. I was so relieved and asked her when I could see him. Antonella said that I could see him now if I wanted to. I was overjoyed! I wanted to give her a hug but it might seem a bit odd because I just met her. She helped me up so gently that my leg didn’t hurt much. Antonella then walked me slowly to Ethan. When I saw him a rush of happiness fell over me. I came up and hugged him. I was so joyful to see him again. He looked glad to see me too. I told Ethan everything that had happened since we separated. During a short time in that hospital, I and Antonella had a chance to know each other deeper. I felt that we were sort of connected in some way. I had to leave the hospital the next day because my leg healed really quickly and so did Ethan’s shoulder, thanks to God. ‘Adieu soit heureux Antonella.’ I promised that I would visit Antonella whenever I could.
A few hours later, after Ethan and I came back to our camp near the army centre where I had a call that I had to attend an urgent top secret meeting at a top secret building. It was an emergency! When I entered the room where the meeting was held, I was so surprised to see many Générals from the United States of America, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia , New Zealand, The Netherlands, Norway, Poland and from a part of France, which included me. I have never seen so many people from different countries all at one place. This was incredible! The meeting started and all of us discussed about what we should do to expel the Germans out of Europe. There were heaps of ideas but the one that made me scared was like a sort of war, but it wasn’t. It was so-called ‘Death Day’. I hope they don’t choose that name because it sounded scary. Eventually, they chose that! I couldn’t believe they chose idea! Didn’t they know that millions of people were going to die? Did anyone think that some of those people were innocent? No they didn’t! That’s why they chose it! I protested so much on that idea but no one came up with a better one, so we had to go with it. I had a feeling that this would end up terrible. Now, all we had to do was choose a code name. I had the perfect one! D- Day. I told everyone my idea and just after that, and it satisfied everyone. One of our French Général left after all that. He probably went to have a smoke, fresh air or something like that. We discussed more about D Day and decided that it would be on the 5th of June 1944.
All of a sudden, BANG! One Général fell to the ground with blood on his chest. Oh no! The Germans have found us and I was terrified! That French Général who went out must have been a spy. How could I have not noticed! More people were getting shot now. What could I do?! Suddenly a German soldier that was standing by the door got shot and I knew then, that that was my chance to escape. I rushed out of the room, out of the building at lightning speed but unfortunately some German soldiers saw me and ran after me. I ran for my life! I was panicked, I was scared and I was shocked. I ran, hid, ran, hid but I could never get away from those soldiers. I was breathing heavily now and I knew that I could run no more. I had to find a place to hide soon or else. I found a small hole in a wall that was about my size, so I crept quietly inside. The German soldiers were really close now and I was horrified. The only thing I could do now was pray. Pray to God that God would protect me, so that the German soldiers didn’t find me. So I did. No matter what happens, I was certain that God will be with me. I held my breath for about 1 minute because the German soldiers were right in front of me and then they slowly walked off. I was so glad and thankful for God who looked after me. Who knows what would’ve happened? Maybe ten or fifteen minutes later I crawled out, making sure that all those German soldiers were gone, and ran to the safest place I could think of which was up a mountain. I climbed and I climbed, up and up the mountain. The only thing I could think of was about Antonella. I’ve never felt this way before. Everything that I did and everywhere that I went reminded me of her. When I finally got to the top of the mountain, I saw many parachutes from the sky. In just the distance, I could see ships coming to the 5 areas of Normandy beach: Utah, Omaha, Gold, Juno and Sword. I knew it was because of D Day. This was going to change the world forever.