Every single stupid thread,
Seems to fray on every edge
Everything that’s been made,
Every darn seems to fade.

you tried to build a stable grip,
Instead, you’ve been left to slip,
The walls you built your life around,
Seem to crash to the ground

But not to worry my dear friend,
All your pain is near an end.
Keep your faith up flying high,
And don’t ever be afraid to cry.

People are unstable things,
Some don’t see what their actions bring.
But the good ones will not run away,
They will always click on ‘play’

Pushing through a windy haze,
Or maybe just a real rough day,
Is a lesson that you learn,
Though you have to face the burn.

And when it all seems too fall apart,
When it’s shattered your struggling heart,
When you feel it’s over now,
When you can’t find your way out.

There will be an exit sign,
Saying ‘Leave it all behind’
Then you’ll turn around and see,
The best is yet to come and be.

But though a silent word speaks,
If it reaches these possible peaks,
I suggest you hope and believe,
That you’ll see what you want to see.

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