This war will destroy us,
Our very tears will turn to dust,
Left far behind on that horrible journey,
Our brothers carried out on cursed gurneys,
When the ashes fly back home,
They will rest in their inevitable tomb.

Mothers will weep,
While the children sleep,
Husbands lost far back through time,
Will never hear the last bells chime,
Widows singing words of praise,
They live forever in a daze,
Service for their country,
Now their graves are worn and dusty.

Centuries pass and all is well,
History is left for the books to tell,
Those who remember shed a tear,
For those who live in constant fear,
Of guns and screams,
They haunt their dreams,
Death around every corner,
Their very life is agonizing torture,
When i hear those deperate cries,
I turn to the sky with tears in my eyes.